Data Engineer Interview at Amazon

Recently I had an opportunity to interview for Data Engineer position at Amazon. I like to post info about the process and my experience so as to help anyone needing.


After applied online, I got a call from recruiter asking for availably for telephonic interview with Hiring Manager. Telephonic interview had questions and discussion around my past experience. And few questions about complex situations I faced and how I solved.

Once cleared in that round, I had an onsite interview: this was five 50-minute rounds. Each is divided into two sections: a problem solving and few behavioral questions.

Problem solving focussed on SQL, Data Modeling, and ETL pipeline design.

Behavioral questions were based on Amazon leadership principles: like tell me about a situation where you tried to do something but midway you had to change course of action and how you communicated to customers and team members.

My experience

Recruiter was good and guide thru the entire process as needed.

Onsite travel plans and communication were good.

The leadership questions were annoying as most questions are repeated and I ran out of examples for the same questions asked again and again.

I am surprised to see no questions on AWS or Hadoop technologies though they are mentioned on the job requirements.